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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Good Books, Fab Shoes and an All New Fashion Disaster

Dahlings, hope you all had good Easters!
Thought I'd mention a few completely unrelated things: books, shoes and my All New Fashion Disaster.

Books: I've had a really good run recently, largely thanks to recommendations taken from the Read All Day lady ( I know I've mentioned her before, she has her own book coming out soon, recounting how she came to read a book a day for a year and how it affected her).

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson was about an uptight retired English major who falls for an Indian lady who runs the village shop.

 The Crazy School by Cornelia Read was a dark and gripping thriller set in a school for troubled teenagers. It's part of a series featuring the same female character.
 If you like dark and gripping, then you will love Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton, a completely over the top, twisty-turner thriller set on a island off Scotland.

Old Filth by Jane Gardam reminded me a bit of Major Pettigrew, just because both main characters are widowers I suppose.  Old Filth is sad in parts, as it features Raj Orphans - children sent back to England from India by their parents during the days of the British Empire

One Day by David Nicholls was an engrossing read: a young man and woman get together on their last night at university; the book then follows their lives on the same day each year.  I think Faux Fuchsia was reading this book during her trip to the UK last year.  It kept me sane on the journey back from Barcelona!!

Finally, a literary detective novel with a twist at the end which had me going back through the book trying to work out the significance of the last few sentences...

In other important news, I have found these fab shoes from super cheap shop, New Look.  As recommended by the girl at Wearing It Today.

  And they are only £7.99 a pair - cheap as chips!  They fit the Blighty daisy tramplers like a glove.  I definitely have cheap shaped feet - years ago I had some Ferragamos and they were totally the wrong shape for me - they were meant for narrow footed Italian heiresses. I also bought, in my dark, tangled retail past, some ballet pumps from French Sole - 8 times more expensive and they never fitted comfortably.  These plastic numbers are much more suitable!

So I got them in red.

And in turquoise.

And in purple.

And in black. (Blighty's motto: if a thing's worth doing, it's worth overdoing..)

If they had them in orange I would have got them too!  Oh Happy Feet!

SSSSSh! Don't tell Mr Blighty.  He won't notice unless  even if they all fall out of the cupboard onto his head....

Now the fashion disaster. I was very taken with the Whistles Carrie skirt everyone has been blogging about, including Notting Hill Girl who has it in bubblegum pink and looks very fetching in it.

Notting Hill Girl in her Carrie skirt

I ordered a similar skirt on-line from Zara in what looked to be a soft peach colour.

The horror! It's nylon tights brown, as worn by bankrobbers..on their heads.

But worse than that: this skirt has CELLULITE!!  

I have no room in my life for clothes that mimic bodily imperfections. I can do those by myself, thank you very much.

Goodbye skirt! And get yourself some of this when you get back to Zara.



  1. Great finds with the ballet flats. I should try buying multiple colors of the same things - shoes, sweaters, handbags. My husband is very color blind and would be sure to never notice unless he saw them together at once.

    The color of that Zara skirt is quite atrocious. I am trying to imagine who that would look good on - but I can't.

  2. Blighty, you're never unknowingly undershod.(FF)

  3. The shoes are adorable but the skirt color is a bit "challenging", I agree.

  4. One can never have too many shoes are so cheery.
    and not a word to Mr. Blighty!

    Loved the Major Pettigrew book...such a sweet story.


  5. Hellooo Blighty!

    I knew it. It wasn't me with the cellulite, it was the clothes!

    I also have a cheap flat fetish. Boom tish.

    Thanks for great book recs.

    Hope you're well.

    SSG xxx

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  6. that skirt is everywhere! i love those little ballerina flats too. esp the red ones. i need a pair. your book selections all sound wonderful. i just finished keith richards autobiography and could not put it down.


  7. Ooh, I'm very intrigued by that last book.
    Love the shoes, I'm totally with you on over doing things that are worth over doing! And I'm sure my husband would agree with Mr. Blighty on the very same isssue.
    the colour of the skirt, while it is pantyhose brown, is one that I actually like. It is too bad about the cellulite though. Such a tragedy.
    At least you can enjoy the shoe victory!

  8. Do you know Blights Ive had to compose myself before commenting due to hilarious laughter. I know, I'm a cow for giggling at your expense but it was the cellulite skirt's fault.
    Oh the joys of on-line shopping. This is why I have only ever been brave and purchased one clothing item on-line because I need to feel, see and try on before I buy. High risk I am not.
    Thanks for this selection of book recommendations. Thrillers are my favourite so I must take note of these titles. Don't you hate it when a movie/book leaves a serious question mark at the end?

  9. What a lot of interesting looking books (a bit low brow for you, but I'm devouring Jackie Collins' fab latest at the mo). Love your shoes so much - good to get all the colours! - and what a pity about that skirt. I liked the colour but I agree we need HELP from our clothes, not more problems! Is the Whistles one still available?

  10. I love everything you commented on the shirt that left your house. It turns out to be a quite entertaining skirt, don't you think so?

  11. Mooorning Blighty! Have made note of your book selection. Really, she read a whole book A DAY?! I would rather think that would drive me twitching and giggling maniacly into the Clyde. And I don't think anyone would jump in to rescue me either.

    I loved One Day. Got to That Bit in the book and thought WTF?! Flipped back and forward looking for some missed pages or a mistake or something. Fablusly good idea to suddnely flip us out of complacency.

    I adore the shoes. I've got broad little feet too and long pointy shoes just end up looking like clown's shoes as you can clearly see where my wee Scottish hobbit feet end. Huzzah for inexpensive shoooooes!

    The skirt. The pink skirt is lovely - but too short for me. The length of your new skirt and the shape of it on you is beautiful. But if it's American Tan brown.....that would put me off.

    Enjoy the wedding on the telly tomorrow!

    Ali x

  12. Loving cheap shaped feet and tramplers!
    I've got narrow goat shaped feet, French shoes work the best for me, all the better to hide my long hooves

  13. Hey Blights,
    Yep, that skirt is very BROWN,
    Aussie school uniform brown in fact, send it on it's way back to Zara land. I must admit, I always think of Zara is completely overrated. There were Zara shops everywhere on our trip in February. St Petersburg had two even.
    All the stuff was the same, and the shops had a real chain store look about them.

    Please check your shoes before leaving the house, would hate you to mistakenly wear odd colours to headmaster meeting or trip to London.

  14. God, what were you thinking Blighty? That skirt is horrid! Yuch.... Now, the shoes, much better and thanks for the book ideas. Hope I can sleep tonight, I might have skirt cellulite nightmares. The horror of it all.


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