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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Mrs Blighty Hurled into the Spotlight

Dahlings, due to recent press reports I felt I should inform you all of something my close family and friends have known for some time: I am not in fact Miss Elizabeth Hurley, although I admit it is easy to get us confused. What with us both being women of great glamour, beauty and class, and in Miss Hurley's case, a small stuffed animal with worrying delusions (are you sure this is the right way round??)

I did in fact come across Miss Hurley during the school run in my London days and I did try to take her under my wing and give her a few pointers on dressing stylishly as a mother. But poor dahling, she just couldn't get the hang of it. Day after day I'd see her in sunglasses, little fur jacket and jeans. "No, Elizabeth!" I'd shout, " You must remember to wear your PJs under your anorak for morning drop off, like I do! And for pick up, don't bother washing your hair, just plonk on a woolly hat, but only in summer!" Bless her, she hadn't clue. But she used to smile so sweetly as security dragged me away.

I would also like to explain the paparazzi shot below. Only my lawyer has told me not to. But I would like to make it clear that any rumours about me being in any way acquainted with Australian cricketer Wayne Shorn are completely unfounded.

I have never met the man. And I have certainly never spent hours in a hotel suite with him.



  1. Oh god. I sense a YouTube video coming on. Stop motion, in which Blighty behaves Very Badly.

  2. LPC - where did it all go so wrong? This was going to be such a refined blog, filled with art and literature.....hehehehe!

  3. Blighty dahling! All this fame and fortune (minus the rolex) had gone to your head!

  4. I cannot stop thinking about the pairing of Shane and Liz...and Liz had that handsome husband too...

    What does Elton think about it all I wonder??

    I have a spooky sixth sense that this union between Shane'n'Liz may not last forever.

    I wish you could've met Linda in Chile-so lovely and interesting x

  5. O! Blighty, why couldn't it have been Becks?

  6. Blighty

    I am devastated beyond belief. When I read the press about how Liz H was to come to Sydney for something to do with the cricket, I just assumed you were going to be here.

    I had a day of culture planned for us. Starting at the OPI stand in DJs and progressing through the best food and shopping Sydney has to offer.

    This is worse than not seeing Oprah.

    SSG xxx

    PS - glad you are okay though :-)

    Sydney Shop Girl blog

  7. The newspaper in our state had the heading

    "Shane Warne Bowls An English Maiden Over"

    I have two questions. As below.

    "Isn't Liz a bit old and perhaps just the tiniest bit experienced to be a maiden?"

    "Why Liz, why?"

    Anyway Blighty, you obviously would be in the expert position to answer.... Please enlighten me if you get the chance.

  8. Oh Blighty you kill me!
    Is that whipped cream next to the booze?
    Liz has to be mighty deluded...Shane of all blokes. Beggars belief, but, I suppose it could be true love...hmmmm

  9. Thank you Blighty - I am going to giggle all day about that 'paparazzi' shot with the sunglasses askew. Te he he too funny.


  10. Blighty loving the hat! Perfect for a day at the races with Warnie.
    Warnie is not only famous for cricket but for sexting (That's texting for immoral purposes) smoking and now having frozen mask like features (That's Botoxing). Pray tell which one of these endearing behaviours attracted you to Shane?
    Kate Bx

  11. Oh Blighty, that paparazzi shot is classic- so funny! Thank you, thank you, for starting your blog- I'm eagerly awaiting the book next, and the tour you'll be doing to promote it- of course you'll have to come to Oz and do Oprah style appearances at the Opera House;( I assume you've all been following her tour on TV over there)
    Have a lovely Christmas, look forward to hearing about your yuletide antics xx

  12. Allegedly, she's a dab hand with his googlies

  13. Brilliant!!!! Love your pap shots! :-)

    Especially the spray cream ;-)

    Ali xxxxxx

  14. Dear Mrs B, I too think that we are leading these mirror lives except that I have girls and you have boys. I can never fathom how the mothers of the smart school my daughters in Santiago attend manage to look so amazing at 7:45 every morning - I lie in bed as long as I can and then have to panic to get the girls to school on time so my look at this hour could be best summarised as frightening. In relation to the other matter - I am frankly flabbergasted. After some consideration, all I can say is that beauty (or in this case, sex appeal???) is truly in the eye of the beholder.

  15. Oh Mrs Blighty, what big beautiful blue eyes you wonder Warnie was bowled over by you! LOL...sorry, bad pun I know, but couldn't resist. Have left you a message on my blog but wanted to pop in and say how thrilled I am that you visited. I am loving catching up on all your fabulous and hilarious news. I am also quietly clapping my hands in delight as my bed decor looks amazingly similar to yours...oh my, what great taste I have. I'll have to take a pic and post it on my blog to show you!

  16. Hi Blighty.
    I'm in St Petersburg, and have no idea what's happened, obviously I'll have to Google the Australian to find out.
    Unlike the fabulous FF, blogging (especially for only the 2nd time ever) is not a cinch for me, but I managed to get the second post up today. Using RUSSIAN internet too.
    thanks for keeping me posted of the most important news from home,

  17. Ваш комментарий будет опубликован после одобрения

    Look, this is what is under the Post a Comment box in BlightyWorld when you are in Russia.


  18. Dear Moerks, thank you for your comment which made me laugh a lot but which I dare not publish!! xx


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