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Saturday, 18 December 2010

More of that White Fluffy Stuff

So today it really snowed quite a lot. The Met Office predicted a bit of light snow. Hmmm. Drinks on the terrace are probably not on.

Mr Blighty insisted on going up to London to his office, despite the weather and the fact that it is Saturday. He has Something Important he has to Get Out before Christmas. My dire warnings of getting stranded somewhere in the wilds of Harrow on the Hill or Rickmansworth went unheeded. In fact the railway performed magnificiently. Well done Railway! It was the London Underground ( as in under the ground) that was upset by the snow. Strange.
Last night it went down to -18 in our area. Allegedly.

I like the snow as it covers up a multitude of sins, gardening-wise. And I can prance around in a fur hat pretending I am in Dr Zhivago. Mr B always says my moustache reminds him of Omar Sharif's. Haha, Mr B, haha.

I'm a bit nervous about putting our tree on the blog. I am frightened Faux Fuchsia will report me to the Christmas Police for insufficient coverage. But Mr Blighty's Expenses Committee gets very exercised about invoices for fripperies like tree decorations. He really has no idea about what constitutes household essentials in 2010.

Finally, I'd like to remind all you gals of the importance of Keeping Up to the Mark, in terms of personal care. I for one never neglect manicures, pedicures and depilation. I will not let myself go and would never have unkempt toenails and furry legs! Never !


  1. You are always on the mark, Blighty. I fear you're getting our Canadian weather over there as we seem to be getting yours here. Your tree is lovely in all it's Knowingly Under Decorated beauty.

  2. I hope that Boy 1 and Boy 2 have been out sledding and throwing snowballs, making snowmen...
    and the patio set is pristine...
    wouldn't that be a fun image to frame?

    Our Charlie Brown tree will be getting some decorations tonight...there will only be a few as Pepper is obsessed with the tree...HELP!

    Hope that you have a great weekend and keep warm.

  3. I like your Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but I agree the FF might find it not up to her ornaments per square inch ratio.
    Have fun reinacting Dr. Zhivago in the snow!

  4. Ha ha. I cant' believe you are snow bound, it is so beautiful. Yes Dr Zhivago will be sweeping around the bend any second I am sure. Here in Australia we have bizarre weather, yesterday a locust plague during the day, mozzie plague as soon as the evening draws in and today it's piddling with rain. My peaches and plums aren't ripening, they don't know whether they are Martha or Arthur.
    Perhaps FF could send some emergency supplies re tree.

  5. I am a bit worried about you Blighty. You seem to be a little lacking in the essential British Stiff Upper Lip. This appears to be perfect weather for drinks on the terrace. Gosh, no wonder The British Empire is shrinking.

  6. Ooh, I love a bit of fluffy white stuff. Quite partial to a bit of snow too.

  7. Hey Blights!

    I'm in Helsinki, and way to go Finnish Internet - it's fast!!!!
    I finally got a St Petersburg post onto the blog, maybe the Russian Internet stuffed me around because it knew I would not be sensible.
    But Enough about me!

    Did you put the "Lights up on the Roof"?
    Can you see them through the snow?
    What are Boys 1 and 2 going to do inside all week?
    What are you going to do inside all week?

  8. tree is Beautiful.

    Love the snow.

    It's 1 am here and I have insomnia and can't sleep dammit x

  9. Too funny commenting Kate. Sterling work. And Blighty, please tell FF, I think she needs to learn some yoga breathing so she can breathe herself to sleep. Breathe in v slowly and raise the tummy to the count of six and then exhale to same count. Am serious. It works. Counting breaths is so boring, you bore yourself to sleep. The pictures are breathtaking, btw.

  10. LOL, I just left a comment on FF's blog saying my tree would look like a poor orphan next to hers!

    Dare you to have cocktails outside! In a plastic frock.

  11. Paddy, what about your sister's snow photos?

  12. Adore Dr Zhivago, love Omar.
    I can picture you Blights, swanning around your snow covered burb as the beautiful Lara in a fur hat.

  13. Wow - look at all that snow! That's truly Christmas isn't it? I remember freezing cold Christmases in the UK with no snow and they just didn't feel the same as having a white Christmas...

    I love your tree - very minimalist. I had my mani and pedi the other day and thought of this post. It's always important to stay well groomed at this time of year!

  14. Are you ok over there Blights or literally snowed in?

  15. Dear All thank you for you lovely and funny comments! Hoping to post again soon but possible that the excitment of Christmas may overwhelm me - translation: need to go buy sprouts.

  16. Happy Christmas dear Blighty... looking forward to your posts in 2011...Cannot believe the amount of snow that you have had in UK this year - amazing! x

  17. hi blighty,

    i don't know how this lovely post escaped my attention. we have been removing water from our tiny basement for the last 4 days. our town is covered in mud and broken trees. but we are fine. snow is much easier to deal with than torrential rains. your garden does look absolutely beautiful blanketed in snow. i love your tree and if you think yours is underdecorated wow, you should see mine. we are actually off to a little ski vacation and maybe i'll put a post up then. i've been in a terrible blogging slump. i don't really know why i'm rambling at this point but i do wish you a v merry christmas dearest and look forward to laughing at all the hilarious stuff that goes on in jolly old england.




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