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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Costume Drama

Boy 2 - are you sure penguins are endangered?

 Dahlings, you know how I like to give useful parenting advice from time to time?  Well here I go again.

Once you have a child
If you are expecting a baby
If you are thinking about having a baby
If there is any possibility of contact with a member of the opposite sex, then
 you need to hire a small warehouse NOW and stock it with the following items:

N.B. this is not going to be a list  of baby paraphenalia, no, that's easy, you can pick that up anywhere, what I am talking about is hardcore preparation for the horror that is School Costumes. Because from the minute your offspring hits nursery, it will be required to dress up in clothes which are not its own;  I estimate that in any given month during school term, Boys 1 and 2 spend 8 days at least not in their own clothes. I sometimes wonder if our children are being prepared for a life in pantomine. And, very important this bit, you will often get 0 days notice that a costume is required because your child will have lost the letter/you won't have got the email and you will find out by chance at the eleventh hour when your child's friend phones up to ask what national monument your child is going as, as his Mummy has just knitted him a Taj Mahal outfit but he is not sure if that is ok, and she only has the Eiffel Tower which she made out of meringues last year for his sister as back up.....

i know it does not look anything like a polar bear but it was the best I could do ok?

  1. Polar bear,  brown bear, sheep, cow, mouse, dog, cat, elephant, hippo, giraffe, any other animal you can think of,  outfit
  2. Bunch of grapes outfit - including purple balloons but be careful to check your child's weight against number of balloons otherwise you will have to contact Air Traffic Control
  3. Mexican outfit including large fake moustache which will get lost at school and later be found under glass in the Year 8 Biology Lab
  4. Greek outfit (but not soldier as schools do not like weaponry and war-like stuff as creates wrong atmosphere at playtime)
  5. Celtic outfit - something mud coloured with a bit of tartan thrown in; they will go to an outdoor Celtic camp and build fires and make clay pots and return wearing something tartan with a lot of mud thrown over
  6. Roman outfit (same as Greek outfit, explain to your child Romans were big thrift shoppers)
  7. Tudor outfit (note, most boys do not like going as Anne Boleyn)
  8. Endangered animal outfit*
  9. Amusing polka dot outfit
  10. Amusing pyjama outfit (need special nice pjs, cannot let the world see the normal scrotty pants and old vest, both with embarassing holes in, actually used for sleeping)
  11. Footballer outfit (must be current home or away strip of team of choice)
  12. Outfits in colours of all national flags worldwide (worth contacting the UN or an international affairs think tank for list of countries most likely to be fighting for democracy over next few years so you can really focus in on these)
  13. There is no number 13 as I am in no way superstitious
  14. Assorted Halloween outfits - they will start out as cute little ghosts before graduating to Dr Death and Freddie Kruger and having to be told they can't borrow Dad's chainsaw for the evening
  15. Assorted Easter bonnets - if you can manage one with real butterflies, baby chicks and lambs on, that would be good
  16. Assorted Christmas hats - start with a cute snowman and then later they get max kudos from their friends with an  "I'm with Stupid" hat
  17. Nativity play outfits - Wise Man, shepherd, angel, Mary, Joseph, health visitor, camel
  18. World War II evacuee outfit (and look out for the kid who has a real gas mask in its leather case left over from the war)
  19. Coins of various denominations as your child will be required to pay for the privilege of dressing as a squirrel etc and the school will specify the precise coins required as they will be used to make an amusing collage before being sent to the relevant is helpful to invest a modest amount (£5000) not later than your child's first birthday to cover these costume related tariffs.

Yikes, too Hitchcock The Birds!

The above is just the bare minimum, but if you at least have these items handy, this should cut down on some costume related stress.
Boy 1 will be endangered if I catch him playing football in the kitchen again

Next week: how to make a 3 D model of a plant cell using mashed potatoe and olives.

* Endangered animal was our most recent costume drama; it may help to relieve one's feelings by stumping around the house shouting "Endangered species, endangered species, I'll show you an endangered species: a mother who is still sane and solvent after putting together all these flipping costumes...."


  1. I'm sure it must be exciting to dress up as school children once in a while.

    1. Well Mr Blighty enjoys popping on a school gymslip every now and then...

  2. Excellent advice Blighty. The costume box is a wonderful investment in the future; our youngest is now 32 and will still occasionally return to the nest to rummage for something to wear to the latest Adult Theme Party!!

    1. Patricia - those words "return to the nest" send a chill right through me.

  3. Dear Mrs Blighty, The tragedy of it all is that this is all TRUE! I have stomped, sworn, inadvertently glued my fingers together and thrown tanties but sadly one's offspring must be dressed in the required confección on the day - although mine, with considerable compassion, have patted me on the shoulder more than once while passing me a hankie and suggested that they skip school on that day... Nothing like the threat of truancy to put one's A into G. The penguin outfit is lovely - inspired work, Mrs B! love Lindaxxx

    1. Linda - you are right, all is true except I added a few more animals and the grape costume was a little American boy at Boy 1's nursery with a super organised Mom; it stuck in my mind as at that age Boy 1 could hardly be wrestled into his own clothes, let alone dress up xx

  4. Ha ha ha hee hee, this post should be given out in maternity wards.

    1. Moerks, I think at teenage sex ed talks, as a deterrent

  5. Somehow, the job of costume creation defaulted to me when Jr was born. Every year at halloween, he is a growly monster. Don't know what that looks like? Me neither. It changes every year with 0 days notice. Sigh!

  6. That is darn tootin' good advice! (Just recovering from the shock of teenage school Square Dance -they STILL have to dress up. And then on top of this, we get "Please bring a plate of spanish/western/whatever it is this week food" Crikey. I tell my boys this is proof that their school has no idea that most mothers have actually got lives..and
    jobs... I reckon we need to revolt. Will just find a nice revolutionary outfit from my stockpile....
    Cheers, Renie

    1. Anon - yay, Cross Mothers Against Dressing.

  7. Too true, but it's amazing how costumes double up: Romans and Greeks, same costume, 60s and 70s costumes, oh same again, wigs can just be added to everything, an old medical white coat has been used countless times. Nice to find your blog. I. Found it via Wally.

    1. Hi Grazing Kate, so glad you found my blog, Wally is such a nice chap.

  8. This is sooooooo true! The lost letters....the 2 hours's all mad and very frustrating. These costume pix are EXCELLENT. You are henceforth HIRED to do Sonshine's costumes!

    World Book Day - the theme is nautical. I'm betting on hundreds of Captain Jack Sparrows....and hopefully only one Popeye *cough* not exactly book related, but I am past caring!

    ali x

    1. oh crikey, World Book Day, I forgot about that one, once had tremendous row about plastic helmet found in bottom of cupboard, tried to persuade Boy 1 to go as Asterix but he wasn't buying it; I vote for Lord of the Flies - naked and covered in dirt - so can just go as they normally are; Jack Sparrow would involve fortune in eyeliner - nooooo, no my new Urban Deay purple one! xx

  9. Blighty,

    Too funny! Love the Panda! I guess it's as bad there as it is here. So far in the last year I've had to come up with a monk's uniform, a pioneer outfit, handicap day, 50's day and summer in December with Hawaiian shirts. That's just one year and besides Halloween. Thank God we have a junky little store called Affordable Treasures in town that stocks costumes year round. That's saved me a few nights at 8p.m. when they remember about the next day!

    Love it!


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