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Monday, 14 February 2011

Mr Blighty gets romantic

Happy Valentine's Day Dahlings!

Mr Blighty got very romantic yesterday.  You will recall his enticing offer of a trip to the Borehamwood Vehicle Licensing Centre a while back.  Well, he has gone one better.

"Mrs B" he said, in his special husky voice, "do you fancy coming with me to..."
(Be still my beating heart).
"What, Mr B, what?"
"The dump.  We need to get rid of those old goal posts and all those cardboard boxes."
"But what about the boys?" I ask.
"I'd thought we'd keep them for a bit longer..."

Anyone got Warnie's phone number?


  1. Blighty you have a keeper there. Not every man invites his woman to the dump.
    Ps. Happy VD day darhling. Ewww thats not a very nice abbreviation is it?

  2. Dear Anne Marie, isn't he just special? And I was soooo tempted to do a joke about VD but in an uncharacteristic moment of restraint I did not - I must be coming down with something..

  3. Thought it uncharacteristic of you Blights to let that one go by LOL.

  4. Commiserations dear Blighty and Happy VD to you too.

    I could almost go one better, as we just had leftovers for dinner and keep getting up to put kids back to bed, but the dump takes the cake. Zero romance in that my friend!

  5. Dahling, Warnie doesn't answer his phone. But if you send him a quick text he will happily oblige in any way he can....

    The VD abbreviation had crossed my mind also. But then my mind goes to sad places sometimes.

  6. Too funny Blighty.. thanks for cheering my VDE !! (Val day evening here in Oz!!) XX

  7. Ooo!What a charmer. Perhaps you could remind Mr B that they don't call it the dump for nothing. Just to keep him on his toes you understand. However, on second thoughts, I wouldn't take my relationship advice. I'm spending VD (!) day watching a horror movie, appropriately enough. LOL

    Thanks for the advice re Bicester. I would not usually contemplate going to such a place on a Saturday but as that is the only possible day, I will have to grit my teeth and get on with it. I will not be driving there though so at least I won't have the parking problems. I'll keep you posted (not going until April).

  8. you've got yourself quite a catch there blights. hold on tight.


  9. Romance is in the air...and I see that Mr. B knows that too...hope that you had fun :)

  10. You make me laugh so much...

    My mother loves the dump. She's an artist and finds all kinds of rubbish she turns into high quality pieces of art that she sells for top dollar. You heard it here first people.

    Mr K and I don't do Valentines Day. He and the cats made me a card which was insanely cute and I bought him Adriano Zumbo cakes but other than that is was nice and quiet. Perfect for us!

    I am waiting with bated breath for the next Shurley update...

  11. Blighty, your Mister sounds a lot like my Master but mine hasn't an English accent. One time Master Bliss and I were walking quite a ways behind our pouty, moody then-teen daughter. We were both mystified by her mood. Finally I said, "You know, children are an inheritance from God." He answered, "That's because He didn't want them". xxBliss

  12. You always make me laugh! hilarious! Mr B is a keep for sure

  13. Bights, Don't forget that Mr B is a world expert on Stephanie Plum.
    Does he take after Morelli or Ranger?

  14. A man after my own heart. If it wasn't for the occasional hug on my trips to the store, dump, school, lumber yard, (pick your own destination of marital bliss) sandwiched in between her tennis, exercise class, girl's nights out, and shopping, I wouldn't get to see her at all.

  15. Ah, the dump. The sights, the smells..... who needs romance when you've got a man who will actually go to the dump, Blighty?! Treasure him like the finest silk.....

    Ali x


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