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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Time Management Blighty Style

Now the boyz are back at school I have from about 8.30am to 4pm each weekday to Achieve Stuff and perform Housewifely Duties. ( Still no news yet on my Nobel Prize for Housework, some Peruvian chap got one for literature and he had only written about 35 books and plays, I have definitely vaccuum-cleaned more times than that, well, if you count next year's Spring cleaning).

Today I knew I had to be back at the school earlier though to watch Boy 2 play rugby. Last night we were treated to a mini-drama of performance anxiety along the lines of "no, no, I don't want to play rugby, please Mummy, no, no, no." That Peruvian chap should write a play about that. By this morning the mini-drama had resolved itself into "Mum, am I captain?"

So I thought I would share with you my time management skills in a deadline type situation - or as Linda in Chile has told me these management types say" Delivering deliverables in a restricted bandwith scenario".

Step 1
Return from school drop off, make toast, switch on iron, put vaccuum cleaner ready in hall

Step 2
Switch on computer, check emails, then spend 30 mins searching for a nail polish blog you think you saw the other day; in doing so check out 19 other polish blogs; spend 30 mins looking at Miss Kitty Cat's lovely bloggie which you have only just discovered and which is fab - shoes, dresses, more shoes, hotels, shoes, handbags, and did I mention the shoes, to die for?! Post lots of comments on her blog in manner of creepy stalker

Step 3
Call from Mr Blighty - have you seen email about important parents evening? Er, no. Mentally chastise yourself for bad mothering etc, search for email, realise you have not seen it as email so cluttered up with junk; strangely spam folder full of stuff you actually want to get like lovely picture from Louise ( a very nice, funny lady who faithfully comments on my blog - hi ya Louise!)

Spend 45 mins deleting, un-junking, junking and generally techno faffing

Step 4
Realise with horror that it is now 11 am and toast uneaten; scurry off to kitchen, falling over vaccuum cleaner on the way (who the bl**dy hell left that there!!%$$***)

Step 5
Consume cold toast, put tea in microwave for reheating

Step 6
Realise with horror that have left iron on upstairs; start ironing frantically

Step 7
Return to computer where for reasons not clear to yourself spend time looking at day spa treatments in swish upmarket health/golf club and wondering whether you should book in for the pre-wedding package (had no idea I was getting married, life is full of surprises)

Step 8
Return to earth, realise with horror that kitchen bin is less than fragrant, frantically action bin renewal operation (=empty the bin), fall over vaccuum cleaner again.

Step 9
Decide to Go Out as nice weather and need to return library books and take recycling mountain to recycling centre; place books and recycling in hallway

Step 10
Pick up car keys, then find yourself upstairs vaccuuming madly, dusting, humming etc

Step 11
Bring vaccuum cleaner downstairs, fall over recycling

Step 12
Now 1pm; must Push On; arrive at library and have nice relaxed chat with librarian about her nail polish ( "Nail polish bringing people together"); then spend 25 mins wondering whether you need to see important film about Afghan goatherders or whether a romcom might be more fun

Step 14 ( there is no step 13 as I don't hold with silly superstitions)
Arrive back at home about 1.35pm. Realise need to leave for rugby match at 2.15pm. Decide now a good time to make cup cakes, eat lunch and paint fingernails (green to match cardigan).

Step 15
2.20pm - bl**dy hell what moron decided to paint their nails, there is green polish everywhere but on actual nails

2.25pm - bl**dy hell what moron put these cakes in the oven, they are not cooked but need to go to rugby; cannot put on oven gloves due to nail polish not being dry

Step 16
2.35pm Arrive at rugby, note that at least 5 matches are going on, cannot tell which one Boy 2 is in. Find team, start cheering enthusiastically, realise that this is not Boy 2's team.

Find Boy 2's team, just in time to see Boy 2 leave pitch as he has been substituted off..

Step 17
Return home with Boys 1 and 2; find cold cup of tea in microwave

Of course, you can't all expect to achieve this level of time management immediately, it has taken me years to perfect this technique..


  1. I desperately wish that you were my next door neighbour!
    I'm sure I could learn a lot from you!
    Absolutely love your blog.

  2. I'm with Kate! You are too funny.

  3. Hey B. That day of yours is so incredibly full and productive. I sincerely hope that Mr B. understands how busy you are, and what superior time management skills you employ. I think it would be virtually impossible for anything Mr B does to be more important, urgent, or worthwhile.
    I could perhaps, have a biased view of this, in the way of sourcing Antarctic photos of me with penguins while writing yet another b.[}#&y essay.

  4. AND -those cakes look amazing. I can really see the FF influence on your life.

  5. I think I may have taken the same course as you!

  6. Oh me too, love to be your neighbour. I'd make sure our tea wouldn't get cold. A-M xx

  7. Is there no end to your talents with baking and Time Management????? Love the polish, what is it? xxx

  8. Dear Mrs Blighty, I think we could be twins except that where you mention rugby, you could substitute ballet. It is rather good baking, icing and decorating patty cakes during the day - I procrastinate so thoroughly that I am generally up in the wee hours watching cakes in the oven. However, to the matter at hand, if Mr B seeks to raise a defect report due to lack of delivery of agreed deliverables during agreed bandwidth, it is accepted practice as a service provider to dispute said defects by pointing out the inadequacy of the original business requirements. Works a treat every time... By the way, lovely nailpolish!

  9. I am exhausted just reading deserve to win a prize.
    The Nobel People should have an award for Moms...but then they'd have real trouble deciding on a winner because there are so many areas in which moms are involved and they multi task and so on and so on...

  10. yes, and i want to live on the other side of you. what a great neighborhood that would be. you cannot put cupcakes as your photo b/c now i have to have one in real life. thanks. i love your house managing skills and the vigor in which you go at them. well done blighty, you kill me.


  11. I bow down to the excellence that is the Blighty time management system! Bugger the Nobel Prize - I think you could make a fortune on the public speaking circuit. Mr B and Boys 1 and 2 might have to pick up the slack a little but the world needs to hear about how you make all this happen. Your wisdom needs to be shared not hidden under a bushel!

    Thanks for the blog rec - I am loving all the comments - it makes me go back and re-read all those posts again, and I realise how much shopping I have actually done this year... Best not show Mr Kitty...

  12. Your cup cakes look delicious, love the beautiful icing, topped with a malteser? Had such a great time catching up with your posts, you are the funniest. Have a great weekend!

  13. Dear Ladies, thank you all for your lovely comments, I was honestly not fishing for compliments on my "deliverables" but rather showing what a hopelessly frantic hamster type creature I can be, all out of guilt at time wasting.. now back to my wheel. Nail polish is Boots no 7 Stay Perfect with no colour or number on it, but a sort of teal colour.. OPI no doubt do one like it..

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