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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Menopaws and the Scottish Play

Dahlings, hello! Thank you all for your nice comments after my whinge about follower decline....I think that's done the trick - no one has dared unfollow since! Welcome to Hotel California Blighty - you can check out but never ever leave (is it just me or is that song really creepy? )

It's all going really well so far today - I have completely traumatised Boy 2 (aged 10).  Last night I watched him and his classmates prance about in black T shirts and trousers doing highlights of Macbeth.   As usual I was stuck in the corner, behind the father who used to play rugby and the father videoing it all. I couldn't actually see Boy 2.  Jeez, what if I got the night wrong and went to the other class's performance??  I am pretty sure it was Daphnes4Boyz though, what with the state of the art mini-theatre complex, complete with hospitality suites, private boxes (for parents with over 4 boys at the school), crush bar, sur-titling facilities and the sponsorship of Kleinwort Bunsen ("Sponsoring education since 2001: our financial products are like your children - expensive and impossible to understand!").

This morning I got all YouTube-y and showed Boy 2 the Polanski Macbeth beheading scene.  I remembered it as very jolly, especially as Macbeth kept saying his lines as his head bounced down the steps.  Boy 2 however burst into tears and I had to go and confess to his teacher what I had done. Note to self: if any doubt remains about my suitability as mother/primary teacher/any situation where tact and sensitivity is involved, it has now finally been removed. At this rate I could be an MP or a tabloid journalist..

Shakespeare aside, here spring has sprung and naturally my thoughts have turned to getting a cat.  What?????!!!

pic from Cats of Australia!!
Yes, suddenly last week I was consumed with the idea of a cat and before I knew it I was in talks with a breeder, as I have fallen for British shorthairs. It turns out that the breeder  has a lovely, grown up cat she is looking to re-house, as she is giving up breeding.  He is a retired stud, which you can imagine has created great scope for jokes. She was explaining how proud he had been of his "pompoms" and it took me a minute to realise what she was talking about - the old chap has now been neutered.  Poor Mr B is in shock (and not just about the de-pompom-ing) and I am dragging him off to see The Old Stud Sans Pompoms this weekend.  I think it all may be my hormones - The Menopaws  -  to be honest, anyway we shall see! In the meantime I have been looking at Lovely Jublies blog, which is great fun of itself and now has the added attraction of her two beautiful cats.

In other news I read this which was beautifully written but very bittersweet, in fact sad.  Great review of it here
Pic from Booksnob blog

I am now reading this.

pic from Amazon

 I am rather sated with all my murder/detective novels and have been casting around for some more light hearted, soothing reading, with some decent prose and some light decapitation.  The Elizabeth Taylor book made me realise how most of what I read is very plot driven but often with quite ropey writing and very little in the way of serious beheading.

What do you chaps turn to, to cheer you up?  I mean BOOKS!! I do not want to hear your sordid tales of vodka, Mars Bars and Dennis Quaid in the Big Easy ! (oops, actually that's me).

Watch out for the gator baby!

I had a lovely look at the Persephone website. They specialise in 20th century writers who have fallen out of print. So the hope of some charming writing and plus, the covers and endpapers are lovely.  Tempting.  I just happen to notice they have a shop in Covent Garden, London....
Pics from Persephone website

Better go, Grandma Whacker is coming to stay.  Another reason to regret the Macbeth beheading upset.  Better go wipe my YouTube history and get Mr Quaid off pause..or should that be "paws?"


  1. I think you're morally obliged to give The Old Stud a New Home on account of him now being Sans Pom Poms. The poor thing - grooming will never be the same for him again.

    British Shorthairs are completely gorgeous, by the way. I would have happily had one myself, but The Pharmacist, being a Loud and Proud Scot, point blank refused to have a Brit in the house. Ridiculous, right?

    1. Z your cats are gorgeous love looking at them on yr blog and more attainable for me than yr super glam shoesxx

  2. The Scottish play is my favourite!The Polanski film version takes me straight back to my catholic school girl education "now girls cover your eyes" when the witches toil and trouble scene came on.

    No pompoms, are you sure want a former superstud with "issues"?

    1. Yes good point re issues - I think I will tactfully refer to him as a "former sex worker" ..

  3. I'm sure there is a story there about the witches adding eye of newt, pom pom of cat............

  4. Hi Blighty, Just catching up on all your marvelous posts! Always appreciate the humor here! God knows I need it. Off to beat 2 sons into homework submission.
    I wanted to say however, that I just went to a friend's party last week and funny enough they had a British Shorthair. It was the coolest and most beautiful cat I have ever encountered. What a personality on him too. You should definitely go for the cat! (This cat was also the grandson of some famous cat- the Pet Cemetery movie cat I guess. Apparently he had a bit of a stripe on his tail and was therefore defective and had to be neutered. Crazy!)


  5. I love your beautiful blog I really liked your article as it is very interesting to read thank you.

  6. Blites - what about your Paris trip with FF ? Do tell.


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