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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Woof woof?

Dahlings, how are you?  Anyone left out there? It's been so long!

But I have a great excuse. 

Remember I wanted to get one of these.

Well, I went and got one of these.

Meet Monty B, Official Dog of the Blighty Blog.

He's a Border Terror  Terrier and his full name is Montmorency de Monfort de Montalbano de Naughty Pants (ok, no it's not, it's just we all enjoy elaborating on his name as none of us can agree what Monty stands for, that's the problem with naming by committee;  I wanted to call him something soppy like Ambrose or Quentin, while the boys favoured Killer or Poop, so Mr B set up a committee and a working party and a compromise name was hammered out...)

Monty and me have been going to puppy training classes, first we did Puppy Pre-School where we got out paws stuck in our collar and our lead tangled round the chair;  then we graduated to Puppy Primary where we ate a lot of sausage and lay in the grass with our legs in the air.  I know, I am a disgrace, at least Monty was well behaved...

The puppy training lady told us it was VITAL to socialise. 

So I did what she said and went to Ascot.

In the distance is the Queen, in blue, giving out a prize

Also I went to the Capital Radio Summertime Ball at Wembley. Saw Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift, among others.

Sat next to these young men.  And felt old.

And I went to lunch during the Festival of Fuchsia at Balthazar in Covent Garden, London, where I saw not only FF but also Janet from Gardener's Cottage, Tabitha from Bourbon and Pearls and Romy 

OK, so maybe it was the dog who was meant to be seeing new people and places....but at least I am well socialised ...I hardly ever bite the postman's legs now.

Must go, got a bicycle to chase.


  1. Funny Bunny! BTW - how's your socialisation going?

  2. What a sweet thing, and the puppy is too of course. Did Janet say 'hi' for me???

  3. Monty is adorable!! Much more fun than cats.

  4. Monty sure is a cutie! Enjoy the socializing :)
    oh, and love the Ascot outfit! Tres Chic

  5. Dear Mrs Blighty, How did you do on the horses at Ascot? This is a million times posher than our Melbourne Cup! Very lovely outfit! I hope Mr B felt very smug having you on his arm. Monty is gorgeous; this is another reason why my eldest is agitating again for adoption by you. I was quite relieved to hear Mr B had convened a Commitee and working group. Nothing like a good discussion about Terms of Reference and the production of agenda, action items and minutes, said she, banging head repeatedly on table. Love Lindaxxx

  6. Blighty what fun, all that socialising with bloggie glitterati! Very exciting. Doggie is v cute.

  7. Well, you take socialising to the nth degree, Blighty! I am hoping to rehome a greyhound. Tomorrow. Not sure how that will go as I can't remember how to house-train a dog. I haven't had much success with Tartarus in that regard either.

    Monty is gorgeous!!! Sending hugs for the new family member!

    Ali x

  8. I'd start worrying when you cock your leg at every lamp post.
    There is a lot of noise coming from the rest of the family about getting a dog. It might be worth it if they stop trying to train me and start on the new addition.

  9. Where are you Blighty? I miss you too.
    Cindy F

  10. I agree - come back, Blighty - you are the funniest lady in the blogsphere!!

    Lisa Austin

  11. Blighty - can we have a Xmas present please?

  12. great post!

    re; scarf magnets , be careful they might set off store alarms which work by detecting magnets


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