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Monday, 24 October 2011

I'll Be Back

Oh dear, have really fallen off the  blogging wagon recently...but in the words of the Terminator*, I'll be back!"

Dahlings, I leave you with a Public Education Announcement.  I know which category I fall into.

* excellent new role model for dealing with obstreperous offspring (and try saying that after a gin and tonic) who are now on holiday from school AGAIN...yep, 2 week half term..


  1. Your so funny, love your posts. I do believe its G and T time here too.

  2. Dear Samantha, very kind of you and very encouraging, do sometimes wonder what I am doing with this blog, sometimes feel I should focus on worthy activities like making nourishing soups - but on second thoughts, naaaaah! xx

  3. Your posts are nourishing soups for the soul, or something like that.
    Legend Jr got a bandana from his Mom last night and he's off to school this morning looking like you know who. He even sports a bracelet.

  4. Dear Mrs Blighty, You know the obstreperous offspring wouldn't appreciate your nourishing soups as we do your posts! Still, on the positive side - holidays means no ironing clothes dry that children forgot to give you to wash the night before but absolutely need to wear that school day and no struggling tearfully with pages and pages of third grade geometric concepts way past your bedtime. Put on your industrial strength safety ear protection and enjoy your G &T and have another for me. love Lindaxxx

  5. Hi Legend/Wally B, glad to hear that Legend Jr is already sporting the rock god look
    Hi Linda - yesterday we were trying to work out the area of some shapes for our Maths homework and I kept having flashbacks to circumference and Pi till Boy 2 pointed out that was different...this Maths stuff is getting very tricky, counting the dots was my forte..

  6. Blighty - the world has enough 'worthy' blogs, just be Blighty and keep us all thoroughly entertained and you will be making lots of people very happy ;-)


  7. Dear mrs blighty,
    Please come back immediately!
    Signed anon

  8. I guess you are really, really busy these days. Keep your tail up!

  9. Bliiiiiiighty!!!!! Where aaaaaaaare youuuuuuuu??? *wanders through Blighty Towers shining a torch into dark corners*

    Ali x

  10. No Blighty, this Will Not Do. Get back blogging P.D.Q.
    It's not the same without you.


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